2012 Glow Ball 2 Person Scramble

# Name Grade Hometown Division Rd 1 Rd 2 Total Merchandise Award
Sam Spencer
2nd Bill Spencer 35
Andrew George
Anthony Arenas
Miranda Wideski
Elijah Wideski
Evan Srorlie 0
3rd Pat Moore 37
Norm Gehring
4th Adam Nutt 40
Miles Gaston
T5th Brandon Gertach 0
Raph Barry
T5th Scott Andrews 0
Kate Schmidt
T5th Jermey Linden 0
Dustin Deselva
1st Brady Buskirk 34
Ryan Kallenberger
October 20, 2012

This classic American golf course is accessible for players of all skills levels and a sure treat for anyone who appreciates firm, smooth, and fast greens.

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