Event Rules and Guidelines

College Prep Rules

  • Play Winter Rules through the green – 6”, not closer to the hole, don’t touch if in a hazard or within 36” of a tree, bush or the boundary of the course
  • RULE 3-3: Learn it, know it, use it if you need it.
  • Provisional Ball: If you are not sure you’ll find your ball “in play”, Play Provisional ball.
  • Electronic distance measuring devices: Are ALWAYS ALLOWED at our events (including smart devices) as long as there is no slope measuring 
  • Caddies: Players are allowed to have caddies, please read and follow the caddy rules & guidelines and assist with pace of play.
  • Pace of Play: slow play is not tolerated at NWJrGT events. As a courtesy to the field and the host course; players & caddies will be expected to maintain position with the groupahead of them. Groups that can not maintain “position” will be penalised 2 strokes at the score table.
  • “In position” defined: 4 hours & 15 minute to the scoretable or when your GROUP is on the tee box of a par 4 with the group ahead of you not past the holes green or on the tee box of a par 5 and the group ahead of you is not yet on the green of that same hole.
  • Rules Committee: NWJrGT staff and host PGA Professional
  • 2nd and final round tee times: will be posted online @ jrgt.com and emailed to the addess you gave at registration, each night shortly after the last group comes off the course.

THANK YOU for competing in the NWJRGT!

NWJrGT Mini Tour ~ Rules & Information

  • RESPECT THE GAME: Proper care for the course – proper behavior – care for equipment and appropriate language is expected.
  • PLAY WINTER RULES: Mark the ball, lift it, clean it and replace within 6” of it’s original position (not closer to the hole), through the green (fairway & rough) – not in a hazard or within 36” of a tree/bush.
  • OUT OF BOUNDS: Played as a “lateral hazard” – you can take the point where it crossed in, drop within one clublength, add 1 penalty stroke.
  • MAXIMUM SCORE PER HOLE IS TRIPLE BOGEY: 6 on the par 3’s, 7 on the par 4’s. If you reach that score, pick up and move to the next hole.
  • TEES: Every player plays from the “white blocks” on each hole, both times through.
  • CADDY RULES: Encourage, cheer, give advise, help with rules & etiquette – PLEASE, PLEASE, DON’T OVER COACH: Caddies are not allowed on the putting green, EXCEPT to ATTEND & REPLACE the pin.
  • RESPECT THE PACE OF PLAY POLICY PUT FORTH BY OUR HOST COURSES: If your group falls behind, walk faster, shorten your routine, continuous putt rule in effect, first player that putts out should go to the next tee box and PLAY AWAY!
  • IF IN DOUBT as to how to play in a situation: you are always allowed to play a second ball – remember to indicate to your fellow competitors which ball you wish to score. Rule 3-3. IF it’s a goofy situation, take cell phone photo of it and bring it to the score table.
  • PLAY A PROVISIONAL BALL if you are uncertain if your original ball is in play or possibly “lost” or out of bounds.
  • 18 hole competition: USGA rules govern play

2018 NWJrGT Caddy Guidelines and Agreement

Violators will be removed from the bag and/or asked to leave the grounds.

  1. Use encouraging language 
  2. Don’t argue with players, other caddies or staff.
  3. No foul language or no swearing (players or caddies).
  4. No alcohol, smoking OR chewing tobacco products allowed.
  5. Caddies are not allowed on or near the putting green.
  6. ALWAYS position your player's bag & yourself on or toward the NEXT TEE. Watch from on or near THE NEXT TEE BOX.
  7. Assist with pace of play matters- Spot “position” of the group ahead on EVERY HOLE.
  8. Speak mainly to your player and other caddies, not other players (nice shot, etc.. ok).
  9. Caddy & Spectator Carts must stay on the cart path – a player’s bag may be carried on the cart – the player must walk.
  10. No cell phones for calling, browsing, texting or other communication – however, use as yardage devices, photos of rules questions or emergency calls are permitted.
  11. Be a good example: walk fast and get the bag to the next tee & next shot ahead of the player.

A simple handshake with the starter serves as your “agreement” to follow these rules(every time you caddy). Thanks.


  1. Walk fast – like an athlete.
  2. Be prepared BEFORE it is your turn
  3. The first player to putt out is required to walk immediately to the next tee – that player has “honors” and is expected to play away as soon as it is clear.
  4. Maintain “position” with the group AHEAD of you.  Your group is considered "in position" when they are on the tee box of a par 4 or par 5 and they can see the group ahead of them on the same hole.
    Groups that fall out of position and lack enthusiasm to get back into position quickly may be penalized to protect the field of players working to play at a correct rhythm
  5. Watch each other’s shots that head off line – help “spot” the line the ball flew on, assist finding the ball.
  6. Play a provisional ball if you aren’t CERTAIN your ball is going to be found or found in bounds
  7. Put your bag on the NEXT tee side of the green so you’re walking toward the next tee after putting out.
  8. Walk fast - YOU ARE an athlete
  9. Rule 3-3 says “play two balls if you are not sure what to do” – do that instead of debating or arguing.

These guidelines have been established and tested by the coaches of the PAC – 12.

Refund Policy:

If a player requests a refund 4 days or more before the start of the event, we will provide the refund in one of the following forms:

  1. For registrations paid by check, the full entry fee can be refunded via check, or the fee can be credited to a future event (whichever the customer prefers).
  2. For phone-in or mail-in registrations paid via credit card, the full entry fee can be credited to your credit card, or the fee can be credited to a future event (whichever the customer prefers).
  3. For PayPal refunds requested within 30 days of registration: the full entry fee can be credited to your credit card, or credited to a future event (whichever the customer prefers).
  4. For PayPal refunds requested 30 days or more after registration: the entry fee less a PayPal service fee can be refunded via check, or the fee can be credited to a future event.

If a player requests a refund between 2 and 3 days before the start of the event, we will provide credit to a future event if a replacement player can be found.

If a player requests a refund less than 48 hours before the start of the event, no credit or refunds can be provided.

To receive credit towards a future event, or to request a refund for a registration paid via check or PayPal, please email the following information to Bre Toigo at bre@jrgt.com:
  • Player's name
  • The date you made the payment 
  • The last name on the credit card 
  • Form of payment (PayPal, check, or credit card over the phone) 
  • Whether you wish a refund or a credit towards a future event 
  • Phone # in case we need to talk
  • Name and date of event that you wish to withdraw from

To request a refund for a registration paid via credit card over the phone, please call 360-895-0130 and we will credit your credit card.